• Virus and Malware Removal

    Chances are you’ve had to deal with a computer virus or malware attack at one point or another. And unfortunately, if you're reading this you are searching for a solution to rid your computer from infected files and programs.
    With almost 30 years of experience, I’ve dealt with many computer viruses. And as a former IT instructor training 100’s of entry level technicians I developed a curriculum on how best to resolve an infected computer.

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    Malware and Virus infections come in a variety of threat levels. 


  • How to Correctly Remove Malware and Viruses

      1.  Assessment
      2.  Solution
      3.  Prevention


      First of it’s a good idea to determine how and when your computer became infected. This information can help identify the solution and future prevention.

      How Computers Become Infected 

      1. Visiting a malicious website
      2. Opening a malicious email
      3. Connecting Computer to infected files or media by USB Drive or Disk
      4. Being attached to another infected computer on your Local Area Network.

      Determining When Your Computer Was Infected

      It may be difficult to pinpoint when your computer was infected. However,  any information how the computer got infected could be helpful in determining the best method for removing the problem. It could be as easy as setting your computers to a restore point from last week and restarting your computer. But let’s get all the information together before we remove the virus.
      Determine the Level of Threat
      Computer viruses come in all different categories of annoyance and danger.  If we want to get geeky, there are at least 28 different general types of computer infections. And if we want to get super geeky there were 17 million separate signatures for viruses in 2012 per zdnet.com.

      Identifying the Virus

      1. Scan computer with a top-notch program
      2. Write down any error codes
      3. Make notes of Symptoms When and How they are triggered

      After gathering all your assessment data, you should know what virus you are attempting to eradicate.  In many cases, the Anti-Virus program may be able to remove the virus. However, the viruses can come back.