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    We take a pragmatic approach to PC tune-ups and maintenance.
    We will build a solution tailored to your needs.
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    Gaining insight on your daily computing is a major step in planning your tune up. 
    The demands of a Business PC may differ drastically from someone who has a home PC and only uses email, the internet, and word processing.

    Every situation is different so that we will offer a range of suggestions. In every case, we want to make sure you don’t waste your hard earned money. Perhaps you just need to clean up your files and defrag your computer. If you're a novice, perhaps we could offer a cheat sheet and some one on one training so you can do regular maintenance yourself.

    We will look at your computer and try and identify bang vs. budget enhancements. Currently, I’m big on performance gains from installing an SSD solid state drive. Ram Upgrades can have a significant impact on performance as well depending on your needs.


    Be prepared to help us identify what you are encountering. Slow internet, Slow boot-up, Blue Screen errors, lockups or just sluggish performance. We will run a benchmark and analyze your performance; We will also run a series of hardware diagnostic routines that will help identify potential hardware failure. We can review logs and see how often you have exception errors and identify programs that may be causing the problem. We will cover all bases before we jump to a conclusion. Data-based decisions are how we approach this.

    Best Solution:

    After looking at all the data, we have collected we can crunch numbers and offer an array of solutions. We aim to gain your trust through honest, pragmatic solutions with your budget always in consideration. We want your future business and love referrals. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy.