• Installation and Set-Up Service

    Thinking of Purchasing a New Computer?

    On-site Computer Setup.  We will install your new computer and make sure everything is setup.  

    We Can Help!

    • Transfer Data from old computer to your brand new PC
    • Install Your Applications
    • Set Up Wifi and the Internet
    • Make sure your printer is working
    • Backup and Transfer Emails, browser favorites
    • Haul off your old PC.  However, we recommend that we remove your old hard drive and leave it with you.

    We can also help protect your computer from malware and viruses. One thing you should learn is that Malware protection is an essential part of a new PC installation.

    Protect your data with a solid backup plan,  Data, and System.

    Choose the best method for locking out the bad guys. Malware and virus software is only part of the regime.  However, you may have a false sense of security.  Hackers know most computers have installed malware protection software and are constantly trying to trick or find a way around it.  There is one solution we offer that will lock them all out, and it's call DeepFreeze.  As a former IT tech for a large school district, I worked in a unique environment.  We had 100's of teenage hackers who were inside the network and for kicks wanted to hack computers!  Thousands of computers in the hands of hackers!  Deep Freeze was the answer.  Just turn the computer off, and it returns to the previous state.  System files are locked down and can't be modified.