• On-Site Computer Repair

    Enjoy the Convenience of On-Site Computer Repair Service

    On-Site Computer Repair offers many advantages over drop off or pickup service.  One thing is an experienced tech should be able to repair your computer right there in your home or office.  Less downtime is a real plus.  Unless you're doing any board level repair, it doesn't make sense to drive out to a business unplug everything haul it into the shop plug it all fix it unplug it and deliver it back to you, and then plug everything back in!  We work and think smart.  On-site repairs keep our prices low and customers happy.  In many cases, a few upfront questions on the phone can help us determine if we can fix your computer with a  remote connection or on-site service call.    

    There are just times when remote support just doesn't work

    • New PC setups
    • Hardware Upgrades
    • Repair
    • No Internet
    • No Video
    • Dead PC
    • Just need one on one instruction

     However, all this can be On-Site!