• Greg C. Izett, Founder, Technician

    About: Mobile-PC-Repair.com 

    Hi, I'm Greg Izett, the founder of Mobile PC Repair Williamsburg, VA. I'm also the lead computer technician and programmer. I believe I’ve been very blessed with all the enjoyable experiences I have had in this industry over the past 30 years.

    In the 90’s
    I owned GNUC a large computer retail shop in Grand Junction Colorado. Those were fun days as computers were coming of age. In 1996 I employed seven technicians, and we serviced residential and business accounts. We even produced our brand of Computers “The Colorado Peach” and selling around 300 computers each month. The repair and service business was booming too. We were even dabbling in a new thing called the Internet and building web pages.
    In 1999 I sold my business and started working for Mesa County School Dist 51. Working in a huge network environment was very exciting. There were a lot of talented people in the department, and we all shared and learned a lot of tricks of the trade. The School District also provided some excellent training, I was sent to a course in structured data cabling and became a certified installer. I was also the school districts only Apple repair tech and attended some other excellent training about fixing Apple computers.

    2000 The Millennium
    After working in the IT department for two years, I met a Principal at a local High School and he encouraged me to teach the Computer Repair Course at the Career Center. The next fall I was teaching Computer Repair. I was able to get a vocational teaching certificate From CSU that year. Teaching students computer repair and programming was a great move. Working with students was very rewarding. I truly believe that being an educator not only impacts students lives but also develops mastery of a subject for the teacher. I taught PC repair for about ten years.

    2010 and Beyond
    Over the past decade, I have spent lots of time improving my development skills. I have taken some graduate courses in web design and programming. I’m well versed in HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. I spent years hand-coding sites, but with the advent of Wordpress and other CMS environments, I have been able to keep up with current trends in web programming. With the emergence of responsive web design. I love working with e-commerce sites. I’m currently working on launching a new e-commerce site using woo commerce for an online T-shirt business. I also do SEO and PPC consultation and management.

  • Gregg A Izett, Technician

    Computer Tech by day Producing Music by Night!

    It's all about left brain right brain.

    Partnering with my pops is fantastic.  Being involved in web design allows me to be creative.  Troubleshooting tech problems comes natural and keeps me in touch with the logical progression.

    I spend most of my free time producing music and am also taking classes for design and cad.

    I love helping people.